Air Filtration: Your Answer to Common Allergies and Indoor Pollution

On the rare occasion that people think about air filtration, most people usually think about thethin air filters you buy for your HVAC system. In this case, we’re taking that idea and magnifying it exponentially.

We could go on for days about the impact of air filtration in Grove City, but when you boil it down, you have a general understanding of what you and your home need. However, when that question does pop into your mind, or you just want to know more about your air filtration choices in Grove City, let Air Quality Solutions know. We’ll be waiting for your call at 614-871-4144 or if you prefer, you can use our online scheduler and we’ll help you find your next air filtration system.

Healthy Climate High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration System

Many people have heard of HEPA air filtration, and for good reason, it is hospital-grade filtration after all. When is the last time you remember a hospital being filthy? Exactly. This system is sealed to help hold the particles it captures so that they don’t bypass the filter and go back in to your home.

With today’s homes being put together with such tight insulation, many of the impurities that enter our homes never leave. This is also why air filtration is so important to our air quality and overall comfort.

Our HEPA filtration system contains:

  • True HEPA system—meaning the whole system has met or exceeded industry standards for particle/bio-aerosol filtration
  • Near-perfect filtration—up to a 99.97% efficiency rating for destroying particles and bio-aerosols down to 0.3 micron
  • Sealed bypass design—captures particles and doesn’t allow them to get away
  • Optional carbon filtration—to help eliminate odors from your home
  • Powerful, yet quiet performance—quietly filters the air inside your home throughout the day
  • Easy integration—designed to work with Lennox® HVAC systems for complete home comfort
  • No ozone emissions
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on all covered components

* Source: Leading consumer magazine, January 2012. Based on the published CADR, which is a standardized measurement system to determine the cubic feet of clean air produced per minute.

** MERV = Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Describes the filter's ability to capture particles and ranges from 1 to 16. Typical fiberglass filter = MERV 1. The higher the MERV rating, the better the filtration.

*** The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) represents the cubic feet of clean air produced per minute.